About tofoodesign

tofoodesign is a design duo founded in 2016 by my friend Yue LIU and myself in connection between Milan and Berlin.

We combine design and food through questioning and sublimating food-related behaviors in different cultural contexts, in forms of objects or activities. 


2022-current Podcast 午夜干杯 MidnightToast

2022 Fourtune Desserts

2021 RISO.Edutainment

2020 Little Reunion


Commercial project
Commissioned by: POLI.design
Concept and Design: Yue Liu, Xijing Xu and CILAB team (Arianna Vignati /Project Management, Luca Fois /Design Consulting, Elena Stefani /Graphic Design, Camilla Fraboni /Project Assistance)

RISO.Edutainment is a project for the Distretto Rurale Riso e Rane, in collaboration with CILAB of Politecnico di Milano. The project aims to trigger a path of innovation for the district to develop an organizational model parallel and integrated to the productive one. The focus is on the implementation of strategies for developing edutainment services, distribution and digital communication, implementing a process of synergistic and transversal work on all areas, carried out in parallel. The project contains three main tasks: Innovation of audience engagement processes; Development of new edutainment services; Research and Design of new distribution processes. tofoodesign was commissioned to occupy some parts of task 2 and task 3.

E-commerce collaboration with PAM Panorama
In order to widen and expand the distribution of the products, contacts were made with several stores and supermarket chains, which led to the collaboration with the supermarket chain PAM Panorama. Ad hoc packaging has been designed for PAM.

Research and Design for modular exhibition stands
The decision to design modular touring stands resulted from in-depth research into the narration and display of products. It aimed to create a project that would enhance the value of rice as a product, recount its history and potential and be representative of the district and a community. After outlining two main design solutions, we decide to design a modular exhibition stand, adaptable to different occasions and spaces, suitable for the sale of products, the story and communication of the district and the organization of show cooking and workshops.

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