About tofoodesign

tofoodesign is a design duo founded in 2016 by my friend Yue LIU and myself in connection between Milan and Berlin.

We combine design and food through questioning and sublimating food-related behaviors in different cultural contexts, in forms of objects or activities. 


2022-current Podcast 午夜干杯 MidnightToast

2022 Fourtune Desserts

2021 RISO.Edutainment

2020 Little Reunion

Little Reunion

Initiative project
Concept and Design: Xijing Xu and Yue Liu
Photo credits: Xijing Xu

Little Reunion was a celebratory picnic held on 27th Sept. 2020 at the Parco Lambro in Milan conceived by us in order to commemorate Zhōng Qiū (the Chinese Moon Festival). We Chinese also call it Xiǎo Tuán Yuán (小团圆), from which its English name, Little Reunion is derived. It's a reunion of the MOON, a reunion between old and new FRIENDS, a reunion between HUMAN and NATURE. It's also a reunion between the two founders after a long quarantine period staying separated in Italy and Germany. 
All participants were led to the meeting point via an icebreaking activity - finding their 'Secret Parcels' pinned onto the trees along the way to the picnic point. In each parcel, the attendee found crockery and cultery with their names attached

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