Fermentation in daily objects
Master project at
Berlin University of Arts

The starter used to make sour milk can be dehydrated on textiles.

Wanderer is a series of textiles with different patterns inspired by the visual styles of cultures where the milk comes from.

By applying and drying ­local­ sour milk onto the textile, these patterns become a „storage-medium“ of the starter ­culture of the sour milk.

Sour milk is a naturally fermented drink with a similar flavor to yogurt.

The cultivation method of sour milk is similar to that of sourdough bread.

During my search for different types of sour milk from all over the world, I was particularly fascinated by the form of the „storage“ or „container“ of the cultures: cotton, handkerchiefs or even textiles.
People apply sour milk on these mediums and dehydrate them, therefore the sour milk can be preserved longer.
The transformation of a preservation form of the cultures broke the limitation both of time and space, while the varieties of preservation’s form could be considered as extension of the culture’s vitality and their living range.

Various type of sour milk collected along the research phase.
From left to right: Matsoni, Filmjölk, Viili 

Inspired by this, I applied the sour milk in certain forms on textiles, which is reusable as a starter culture for a new production cycle. The shapes are presented as graphics or ornaments that visualise the bacteria involved in the fermenting process. The squares are measured as a unit for the culture storage, which can easily be cut off and used again as a starter platform for new sour milk.