Tofu Drink

An Installation for experiencing a drink

Bachelor project in China Academy of Art
Co-work with Tian WU and Yue LIU

TofuDrink is an interative and performative installation. It can be used to produce a traditional soja drink. 

“Tofu Drink”, a contemporary reinterpretation of the traditional Chinese production process of tofu, simplified and conceived to be used during special events. An unconventional way to combine cultural and multi-sensorial experience through an original source of entertainment, which is at the same time a drink preparation& service system.
By transforming the traditional instruments into an intuitive installation, appropriate to production needs in small scale, it allows people just with some simple interactions to see and enjoy in real time the whole tofu drink production cycle, from soya beans to the tasty meeting with the final drink.

In a traditianal tofu atelier, a man is filtering the sojy drink

The filtering module of the “Tofu Drink” installation represent this operational step in a performative way.

The installation consists of 7 functional modules
Part 1 – Soaking the beans
Part 2 – Blending
Part 3 – Blending
Part 4 – Heating up
Part 5 – Cooling down
Part 6 – Filtering & Adding coagulation
Part 7 – Adding ingredients


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