Yě Shí Jí Shè 野食集社

“A Concept of a Wild Food Community”

> 03.2015
Three Weeks Workshop: “New Food Business”

During this three-week workshop program, we discussed the diverse possibilities of building new business or service modes for food in Hangzhou.

Hangzhou is famous for its beautiful landscapes. During my stay in Hangzhou, I used to enjoy the wandering and picnic with friends in nature. 

Inspired by my personal experiences, I came up with the idea of “Yě Shí Jí Shè” (Chinese: 野食集社): It could be considered as a society or community based in Hangzhou, which encourages people to set foot into nature and to explore cuisine as well as eating ways in nature. 

I invited different friends to go on a mini-tour with me, we looked for fountainhead, eatable plants, usable stone or leaves. The consideration was: The food experience was not only shaped by foods themselves but also by the environments and process of eating. I tried making new stories with my friends and therefore obtaining new food experiences. 

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