“Design for Food & Events”

> 08.2015 – 04.2016
> Project by
> In coorperation with
Douweidao , QiQi (confectioner)

“Chi Tofu” is an interdisciplinary food design program launched by Fang HU in late 2015, Hangzhou.

“Tofu Lady” was a project at the very beginning of “Chi Tofu”. We cooperated with a pastry chef and a soya products factory and crafted our first dish – “Tofu Lady”. It brought out a combination of tofu-shaped visual feeling and taste of a western dessert with ingredients from soya.

We brought this dessert to different events and served with our customized tableware, in consideration of the environments of the activities and people’s social behavior while eating.

-first event-

-second event-

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