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2020年上半年Covid-19肆虐全球,十亿人禁足在家。彼时我在柏林与人一起被困一室,一个居家办公,一个居家上学。 12平米的小小房间一人居住时显得温馨可爱,两人便太拥挤。两个月下来两人蜷缩挤在一张窄窄双人床上,争夺房间里的唯一一张书桌,精疲力竭。 于是便萌生了重新造一张Loft bed的想法

Wanderer – Fermentation in Daily Objects

Have a look on the Project The word ‘fermentation’ can literally evoke a tasteful fantasy about food with rich aroma. However, I would rather like to describe fermentation as a gift from nature instead of an art of culinary art. As human beings we can only base on our experiences and knowledge, adjust to the […]


> Jan 2016 八公山 八公山豆腐村,已是一道旅游经典,一条山路上沿路两边房屋,家家做豆腐,趁此之行我们拜访了《舌尖上的中国》里秀过绝活的胡学兵,偷师学做豆腐。